Sunday, June 23, 2013

Story suggests five ways to end emotional eating

Cynthia Sass

Registered dietitian and best-selling author Cynthia Sass has an intriguing new story on our relationship with food on
In "5 ways to shut down emotional eating," Cynthia points to a new study from Germany that indicates that when you're feeling down, you may keep eating fatty foods because you're less likely to taste the fat in the foods. Her conclusion: "emotions impact our sensory perceptions of food."
Cynthia offers five strategies to break the pattern:
  • Let it out: Find healthy ways to release your emotions.
  • Don't multi-soothe: Eat without distractions.
  • Distance yourself: Stash those fatty foods in hard-to-reach places.
  • Prevent the spiral: Don't let a "bad" meal become a "bad" day.
  • Structure your time: Plan your weekends so you have less unstructured time, when the risk of emotional eating seems to be greater.
Be sure to read the story for more details from Cynthia.

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